Everyday Sourdough: Introduction to Naturally Leavened Bread

Join Vanessa Bolden of Riviera Bread for an evening workshop focusing on the basics of sourdough bread. Learn how to start and maintain a sourdough culture, techniques for mixing, shaping, and baking loaves, using time and temperature to control fermentation, flour selection, and suggested recipes and uses for surplus starter and stale bread. This is an instructional, demonstration-based course in which you will take home a portion of starter, as well as a proofing basket, and a small loaf of Riviera Bread. Light snacks and a glass of wine are included.

Riverbench Winery, Santa Barbara
Thursday, September 5th, 6:30-8:30pm


Riviera Bread is available for hands-on, guided, private classes. Learn the basics of fermentation, starter management, grain selection, hydration, shaping, proofing. Please get in touch for more details.